We believe strongly that good IT support should contribute in a positive and active way to our clients’ businesses, in improving their operational effectiveness, evolving with the needs of their organisation, anticipating and resolving potential problems before they arise and constructing long term, trusting and successful partnerships.

We achieve this through:

Client empathy    

Intelligent Design    

Proactive Maintenance    

Continual improvement    

Dynamic response    

Research & Development    

Team Investment

Effective Partnerships

Our support service is comprehensive, which means you have one trusted port of call


We support a wide range of server types and configurations including physical, virtual, cloud, hybrid, Windows and Linux.


We are experts in network management and will configure this to suit the environment including LANs, WANs, VLANs, VPNs, switches, WiFi, firewalls, MAC filtering and more.


We will look after all IT related elements for your staff including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, phones, software installations, general support requests.

Business continuity

We map in multiple levels of resiliency and recovery for our clients and will provide a service to meet requirements which can include backups, hardware redundancy, high availability, disaster recovery and detailed development of continuity plans.

Hardware & software

We build bespoke PCs and servers for our clients and take full responsibility for their continued well running. We can also source equipment and software as required and assist with asset management.


We will improve your IT security with regular risk assessment, patch management, staff training and the deployment of effective security solutions.


We will work closely with you on an IT strategy to best support your business goals, assisting with budgets, business planning, documentation and policy development.

More services

We also provide a growing range of services including internet connectivity, VoIP telephony, office relocation and data centre hosting.

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