Who We Are

We are a team of enthusiastic, technically curious and people-oriented individuals, passionate about technology, but not for its own sake. We’re interested in how technology can help people work better.

Our mission is to successfully marry the provision of cutting-edge technology and great customer service. This is something we know we already do really well. But we can always improve, hence we invest continued time, thought and energy into enhancing our services so we can offer ever increasing value to our clients. We don’t like to rest on our laurels.

WIT came into being in 2013 when Stephen Horvath and Tim Whiteley formed the company, taking over the IT support arm of Campbell-Lange Workshop (now Rotamap). Known as Workshop IT until April 2019, we quadrupled our client base and continue to grow with new business primarily generated through personal recommendation, a testament to our approach and the trust we instil in our clients, some of whom we have worked with for over 12 years.


What is the ‘Workshop’?

We no longer brand ourselves as a workshop, but this element of our business remains in our research and service development aspects and informs our approach to technology. We are not mere ‘resellers’; we want to know how technology works and, where possible and where we think we can improve performance or cost effectiveness, develop and provide services of our own. This approach sets us apart from most other IT companies and our clients reap significant benefits.

Our Directors


Stephen has many years’ experience working across different sectors and a great depth of technical expertise. His passion for innovation and open source technologies drive our service development and technical approach. He’s hands on and leads by example, working closely with the team to ensure a high level of technical capability and performance. Stephen’s restless nature ensures we don’t sit still.

Operations Director

Tim has worked in the IT sector for over a decade and his interest lies in how to best integrate technology with people, their workflows and environment. This approach is informed by years working in an operational capacity across different organisations including NGOs and the public sector. His focus is very much on customer interaction and ensuring our services always remain empathetic to our clients.

How We Work

Fixed monthly fees

The majority of our recurring services are charged on a fixed monthly fee basis, often scalable and without hidden costs.

Project Fees

Work outside of our standard scope of service or for ad hoc consultancy are charged on a project basis.

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Workshop IT

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